Want Results? Just Do This…

Post Compelling ContentCan you imagine how your business would grow if every day automatically posted an attention getting message, to just the right people, in just the right tone, and in exactly the right places where they go online?

Grow Your AudienceWhat if more and more people starting seeing your message every day, and those people also knew other people, and then they liked and shared your message? Sales? Leads? Profits? Oh yeah…

Be Consistent and InnovativeNow what if both of those things were set up to occur day in and day out, and you always got our message delivered in a fresh and unique voice, while experts were systematically tuning your marketing system in the background at the same time?

Focus on ConversionsNow… what if those messages weren’t random? What if those messages are carefully crafted by master social media marketers who use subtle sales tactics to gradually convert those social media fans into paying customers.  Then turn those paying customers into brand evangelists who then virally spread the word about you to their friends? Just imagine if you had this social media marketing engine that was driving in  leads 24/7, always growing, always educating, always inspiring and talking to your ideal customer… Where would your business be? Are you ready to build a social media marketing machine?

    Why Our Social Marketing Program Works

    Systematic Growth

    Some programs offer quick spikes of "fans" and "followers" which are usually either fake (computer- generated) or largely foreign-based traffic. OUR approach finds real fans and followers in your geographic area or niche market. We use quality content and direct response language to identify and engage human prospects for your business in a measured and predictable fashion.

    Marketing Metrics

    We establish goals and use link tracking with analytics software. We don't guess at what is popular and working, WE KNOW. Data driven marketing allow us to adapt to our customers and deliver quality content that they actually want to see and share.

    Persistent Posting

    Establishing trust in an stranger's mind is arguably the most difficult online objective. However, this challenge MUST be met before any sales are possible. Can you be counted on to deliver your message day in and day out? Can you demonstrate your expertise over and over in a systematic and entertaining way? Our marketing programs do that by positioning your brand as being both dependable and trustworthy.

    Personalized Consultations

    Your account manager communicates with you each week to analyze results, plan, create content ideas, form strategies, and deliver deep insights about your online marketing efforts. This ensures your strategy is always flexible, cutting edge, and inspired by your values.

    Keyword Driven

    Our strategies are designed to work with Google, not against it. We identify the words and phrases that create sales opportunities and encourage inquiries for your business. Then, we design conversations and social media updates around those. We "listen" for hot conversation trends so you don't have to.


    We post your updates across multiple platforms using custom software and best practices for engagement. This enables your updates to get maximum exposure for minimal cost. It's like speaking through a megaphone online!

    Understanding the “Big Picture” Opportunity

    What Famous People Are Saying…

    "We don’t have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we do it."

    Erik Qualman, Founder, Socialnomics.net

    "The power (of social media) is that it enables you to engage. It enables you to get feedback, and it enables you to develop further relationships."

    Sue Stephenson, The Ritz Carlton

    "It’s not about ideas. It’s about making ideas happen."

    Scott Belsky, Founder, Behance.com

    "Marketing is no longer about the stuff you make, but the stories you tell."

    Seth Godin

    "The goal of social media is to turn customers into a volunteer marketing army."

    Jay Baer, Convince & Convert

    "Your job as a marketer is not to devise a social media strategy; it’s to socialize your business strategy."

    Jason Falls, Social Media Explorer

    "If you believe business is built on relationships, make building them your business."

    Scott Stratten, Unmarketing.com

    Let’s Get Social…

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    Frequently Asked Questions


    What can Over2Social do for my business?

     We help businesses leverage social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google+ to increase their visibility, expand their customer base, and build an online community of fans and followers. More importantly, our account managers work directly with you or your designated representative each week to fine-tune your online marketing return on investment and grow your business! We manage your online assets to allow you time to focus on running your business. We post updates, find and attract prospects, help you respond to comments and questions, and make sure that you have an active and growing online presence!


    Why can't I do this myself?

    Maybe you can, but what is your time worth? How long would it take you to find interesting, quality content to share while saying it in a way that gets noticed daily? Will you faithfully log in to every platform each and every day to help grow and nurture your network? Do you know enough about sales and marketing to be compelling without turning off your target audience? Can you even find them online? More importantly, can you keep up with the constantly changing platforms like Facebook, Google+, and LinkedIn to make sure your strategies are cutting-edge? If you can confidently answer “yes”, then you don’t need us. Otherwise, get a free consultation as soon as possible and stop wasting precious time.


    Will you set up my social media accounts?

    Yes, if you do not already have accounts, we can set them up for you for a nominal fee. Sometimes this involves using an email account from your company domain, which you will provide for us. It is important for you to realize that you will retain ownership and have access to all accounts created by us. We will also audit and make recommendations for any existing accounts you may have. It is critical to maintain both image-based brand consistency and strong web copy with appropriate calls to action across all of your social media platforms. No matter where customers “find” you, they must recognize your brand and the value you offer to them.  


    Do you create the content to post or do I have to give that to you?

    Think of us as a combination of a news reporter, a press secretary, and an ad agency rolled up into one. We find pictures, stories, and news after spending time researching and getting to KNOW your industry,  your customers, and your unique marketing message to create a series of updates and social media statuses that tell your story online. We also communicate directly with you each week at a mutually agreed upon time so we can keep informed about upcoming events, sales, specials, and other interesting things going on within your business. It’s our job to keep your hungry fans up to date! The more in sync we are with each other, the more effective our marketing efforts will be!


    How soon will I see results?

    First, we have to define “results.” For us at Over2Social that ultimately means you are generating income from social- media-based marketing efforts in excess of our monthly management fees. Common sense dictates that the time frame and amount of growth you will see is directly related to your business (industry) and its consumer market behaviors. That being said, one of the first things we will do is help establish KPIs (Key Performance Indicators) for your business. We will set up link tracking and analytics to measure our audience’s  reaction and the traffic generated from our posts.  We will clearly define our marketing objectives. Do we want prospects  to sign up for our newsletter, call us on the phone, engage in eCommerce, or some other business goal? What is your company’s LTV (Lifetime Customer Value) and how can we track it?  Your account manager will  assist you in identifying and optimizing your initial social media marketing funnel. It is important to understand that social media is a “numbers” game. Our first goal is to be talking to and reaching enough people to make a conversion statistically likely. This typically takes between 90 and 180 days and is where 90% of social media campaigns fail. Building a suitably-sized audience is vital because a majority of consumers may not be in the market or the mindset in order to buy. You must slowly win them over time, waiting until they have a genuine need for your services and you have built the trust and reputation needed to close the sale. Social media is all about building relationships, which requires both time and consistently delivered expert insights.