We Understand Your Marketing Challenges

Attorneys are busy. They Probably Don’t Even Have Time to Read All of This…

Here is a brief overview of just some of the unique problems attorneys face in marketing and how we can help. 


  1. Can be skeptics. In modern America, we have been conditioned to believe that advertising must push the envelope of truth, certainty, and trust to be successful. Attorneys are trained to question everything and inquire. Marketing can often require faith and patience in processes that attorneys find uncomfortable by default so they avoid it entirely.
  1. Can be highly risk-adverse. Attorneys know that taking and managing risks are essential elements of  business growth for others.  However, in their own businesses, attorneys like sure fire wins, huge safety nets and unreasonable guarantees. This can lead to poor, watered down marketing messages that are essentially futile and weak campaigns that are destined to fail.
  1. May not be able to delegate well. Most Attorneys are very smart, but they may find it difficult to relinquish control of business management tasks, especially those that fall outside their primary area of expertise. They may find it hard to leverage the wisdom and experience of other experts without a large amount of education, coaxing, and sometimes multiple do-it-yourself failures.
  1. May know little about growing a business from an online marketing perspective. Some attorneys may even be uncomfortable with the ethics of marketing in general. They may believe they are in a profession where refined ladies and gentlemen do not do something as unseemly as making efforts to secure business. They may not understand how communication has changed in this new digital age and why people may not know who they are online.
  1. May be obsessed with reputation and what other attorneys think of them. Some attorneys are terrified to make the slightest marketing effort for fear of being thought of as undignified or overly aggressive. Some may be practicing law under a highly overbearing state or local BAR, meaning they are constantly worried about compliance and ethical breaches.
  1. May fixate on costs over outcomes. Attorneys can be short sighted in this regard .  They may not want to, or be able to see the long term impact considerations such as LTV (lifetime customer value) or ROT (referrals over time).  However, with proper education, they understand client acquisition costs can be lowered using an effectively managed online relationship building social media campaign.
  1. May only define or identify themselves as attorneys – not as entrepreneurial owners of a law firm.  Attorneys are often too busy working in their business to also be masters at building it. Working for the law firm is secondary to actually running the law firm. They must leverage their time using technology and outsourcing in order to market effectively.

If any of that sounds familiar, keep reading because here is why MARKETING is so critical…

Without marketing, just try to consider the following questions:

How do people know you or your law firm even exist? Do they know how to contact you?

How do you differentiate yourself from other lawyers and law firms?

How do people know how you can help them, or when they might need your help?

What are the legal problems that you solve, and what are situations that cause people to think about you?

How can you educate everyone you know, all the time, in a systematic and cost effective way that doesn’t eat up all your time?

Over 2 Social Helps:

– Illustrate your practice and unique expertise to people looking for an attorney who would not otherwise know you exist!

– Direct prospective and current clients and referral sources to your web site. This increases your site’s referral traffic, and may ultimately land you the targeted clients you can best serve!

– Gather contact information and interests from current and prospective clients, as well as from referral sources.

ENGAGE with prospective, current and past clients and referral sources, to let them know about your upcoming public speaking engagements, community service and support, and professional activities.  This helps build and maintain those long-term client relationships.

– Differentiate your practice from others by providing valuable reminders and updates to your clients, alerting them to potential pitfalls and changes in the law.  

– Measure and optimize the performance of your Social Media and online marketing efforts with monthly reporting and detailed descriptions of client behavior. 

Creating an powerful online marketing strategy requires specialized skills and expertise that few possess. 

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